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What characteristic of a university student should have possess to be successful

Since become a university student, there are many things challenging them in order to achieve their goals. As university students they also should setting goals to ensure they have focus in university or having campus life. Goals is similarly such dream, students should guide themselves directly to the goals. There are several characteristics students should possess to be successful.
Firstly, university students should respect time. Time is like gold, without handle it carefully we may able to waste it. Always managing time is the main rule. For instance make timetable. By having timetable the time that being used is wiser and everything are going on. Meaning, university students will planning for successful. We can plan every daily activity perfectly. By separating time for ‘prep time’, assignments, sports or events, we can make sure times are used wiser. Hence, ‘failure to planning is planning to fail’ so that respect time with handle it excellently.

Secondly, a university student should have hardworking characteristics. Since become an student they found difficulties such as finishing assignments, tutorials, presentations, group work and so on. So that, they should find a ways to fix or face it because it will cost their result. Meet lecturer or seniors to discuss the problem is the best way. That is an example of hardworking student. With those characteristics, student will achieve successful. Furthermore, the effort makes them able to be a leader and produce magnificent work. So, hardworking is the way to give successful to the students.

Lastly, students should have moral value characteristics such as respect on lecturers. As we known, lecturers bless is also important. They are the one that taught as everything. Furthermore, lecturers emotions need to be taken care too. For example, student should giving ideas or any comment in a proper way and not to be rude. Hence, the lecturers will feel at ease while teaching.

As a conclusion, respect time, hardworking and has high moral value on lecturers is the characteristics of succeed student. Got many ‘A’ in examination cannot guarantee successful for university students but should able to show a characteristics of successful university student.

 (5 DECEMBER 2011)

Writing A Report

To write an report we should have resources such a liner or non-linear text. Such as chart. There are several type of chart. For instance, Line Graph, bar graph, pie graph and so on.
Writing a report is easy actually. Report has 3 part which is Introduction, Content and conclusion...(to be continue)

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